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We are a fair and honest business established by the friends and students of Grandmaster Ashida Kim in 1998 to help him get justice for the hundreds of illegally copied, imitated, stolen and pirated editions of his books that remain the best selling series on Ninjitsu for over thirty-five years. We do not lie, cheat or steal. We are men of honor. We welcome and salute all martial artists.

RAVE REVIEWS FOR DOJO PRESS! These are just a handful of the hundreds of testimonials DOJO Press has received regarding our publication of Ashida Kim books and videos!

"The Ninjitsu Training Manuals opened my mind to the practical fundamentals of Ninjitsu and helped me find the gate to my own latent abilities. Before my books arrived I had all but given up type of stuff even existed. Great work Ashida Kim!" Scott Albright 2005

Secrets of the NINJA “Invisibility, assassination, mediation and secrecy. And that is just on the first few pages..." – Anthony Sanchez,

Ninja Mind Control- "My '3rd eye' has really started to opened up! There is a superior world out there I never knew existed. I can hardly contain the enjoyment I feel from knowing that I’m now ‘one of the greats,’ privileged to this exclusive knowledge of magic and spirit.” – Christina Hatch, 2005

Secret Ninja Alchemy- My first meditation experience was amazing. The 'Golden Elixir'knowledge is profound. Ninjitsu meditation has techniques I've never tried and that really seem to be working..." Carrie Doyal 2005

"This type of stuff is usually a hoax, so I thought it was a hoax

  • but your site really did good!" -Brett Y. 2006

"The package came quickly, sooner than I expected. Everything looks very clean and promising -- just as described on the website. Thank you for the prompt service!" -Jay Reeves

84% of respondents to a recent online survey said that, "It is impossible to find this caliber of information anywhere else on the Web."