Bullshido Websites Ring Exposed As A Google Adsense Scheme (articlesnatch.com)

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Bullshido Websites Ring Exposed As A Google Adsense Scheme By: Vic Nash Home | Sports-and-Recreation | Martial-Arts

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After two stories broke one last week and another a couple of months ago the heat on the "Martial Art" website ring of Bullshido dot com, Bullshido dot net and Bullshido dot org, it appears to be clear that the sole purpose of the websites are to rake in Google Adsense pay per clicks. According to reports the web ring leader Neal Fletcher of Missouri and literally a handful of members and paid posters took on the online identity of over one thousand supposed members. With these fabricated identities known as avatars, the posters went on a rampage over several years posting outlandish comments and taking online content from website owners without permission to gain favor with search engines / Google, so that they could be on the first page of every major martial arts teacher in the United States. Once on the first page they could command clicks from those who were interested in taking classes from the newly and in many cases unknowing martial arts schools and teachers. Each click ringing the cash register for Fletcher through his arrangement with Google Adsense advertising.

It is estimated that Neal Fletcher through his web ring and efforts from his tireless bashers have raked in well over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars at the expense of his martial art victims. When approached about the amounts involved Google refused to comment as of course did Fletcher who did not reply to our repeated attempts to contact him at his home where he operates the web ring. Fletcher while having an interest in martial arts has no known rankings and our research only found he was a student of Mixed Martial Arts and has a video on Youtube of him being beaten badly.

Interestingly enough the only martial art to escape being bashed and demeaned are those dong MMA, all others are slandered at will. We also found records of Fletcher doing business as an MMA clothing maker, so this would explain his promotion of Mixed Martial Arts via degradation of all other arts and its teachers.

The abuse of teachers and schools, as well as students, on the Bullshido web ring has become so vile to the public that several websites have started to appear to bring Fletchers nefarious activities into the light of day, and expose him and his Martial Sportists as the Bullshido members are known, to the light of truth. The members on the web ring have little or no formal training in any art, and many were rejected at the schools they attended , hence the name Martial Sportist, as only real students have the title of Martial Artist. You can lean more at http://bullshido.info one of the sites leading the way in educating the public on the hazards of these kinds of for profit hate web rings.

The very worst part of the Bullshido scam is that at times Fletchers group even impersonates the persons being attacked making them look stupid and guilty of whatever the outlandish claim of the moment is being tossed. But as long as shameful and unethical behavior makes money, we will have misleading sites such as these. Maybe someday the U.S Congress will wake up long enough to enact tough legislation to protect our individual rights on the internet. We can only hope.