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I have a large confectionery shop and need to find regular suppliers of the necessary products, in particular, I need a resource where to buy sunflower oil in Ukraine at reasonable prices and with fast delivery. Always the problem is with this, then the supplier fails very much in time, then the prices are overstated, that I can not get to the plus in any way. Advise me.

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I would like to recommend you a great manufacturer KAISSA, which has never failed me, I also have my own business. There is always available sunflower oil and always standard prices. I have been cooperating for several years and I am very happy. Fast delivery is a huge plus, always polite. The oil is of high quality, it is tested. I advise you, you will not regret it. It is quite possible to buy sunflower oil in ukraine https://kaissaoil.com/en/ in large quantities and naturally the price will be lower, the larger the volume you can buy.