My sad experience. (General)

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I want to share my horrible experience. I am a fan of online casinos, and for a long time I played on Gaminator. I was losing there for a long time, and was upset by it, as I thought I was a loser. But then I came across the reviews of people, I realized that it's not about me, it's about the casino itself. No one ever won there, and everyone just lost their money. Very interesting if there are people here who had such a bad experience with this casino?

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It really is a very bad casino. They are throwing away money. I wonder if there is a casino where you can win?

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I'm wondering the same thing.

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I heard about this casino and I'm shocked. I have never met such scammers. I often play at the casino and I was lucky that I did not fall for it. Although I also stumbled upon a bad casino until I found one wildtornado . In general, if you play only on proven sites, otherwise the great risk of losing a lot of money.