Can't find a good job in Cyprus. Where to find a good job for me? (General)

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Can't find a good job in Cyprus. Where to find a good job for me?

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Tessaa 2 points

I am sure you cant find a job in Cyprus because you dont have this page https://job-cy.com/jobs/ . There are a lot of daily vacancies in different cities of Cyprus. You will find and choose the best and the most suitable for you and your place job. Besides, there is a compiled list of the top 10 most needed professions of their version in Cyprus

Sadie32 0 points

what is the essay for here? don't you understand that person is asking about work here? I advise you not to be disappointed and continue your search

Jane 0 points

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Liam 0 points

no thank u, but it`s not interesting for me, I want to find a job,

KateNill -1 points

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