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We are here to lift the burden from your shoulders. The Integrity Funerals team have their hearts set towards the compassionate care of the people and families who seek our help. Each member of the team values compassion, excellence, respect for your wishes, attention to detail and support for you, our client, throughout the entire funeral process.

Compassionate professionalism is the hallmark of all that we do – taking your loved one into our care, interviewing you to arrange the funeral, administering the many details on your behalf, preparing for and taking care of the funeral itself. We continually strive to meet and exceed your expectations in the quality of care given to you and your loved one.

We are driven by providing you with a personalised funeral tailored to your wishes to help you move forward from the day with the knowledge that you have done the very best to honour and farewell your loved one.

Rowan has been involved in the funeral industry for nearly three decades. He believes the first step in celebrating a lifetime’s journey is talking to someone you can trust who will do as you ask. His dual focus is on the professional service the company provides and on the joy of being involved in the more tender moments of life. Rowan has been involved in a wide range of funerals, from major traumatic public events, State Funerals, Kings and paupers (literally) and normal everyday people like you and me who face the loss that death brings.

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