Reasons to buy rugs (General)

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I've recently checked the prices of real rugs. I mean the qualitative ones which live forever. Why do people spend so much money on them? Do you think it worth it?

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OnlineQueen 0 points

That's my mentality too before. Why spend so much money for comfort? My personal take on this is different as I'm an inspiring interior designer. Rugs is not only for comfort, it's an art. My personal good source of rugs and carpets is https://www.cyrusrugs.com/location/minnesota/minneapolis-rugs.

With rugs, you can get a home interior you never achieve before. Patterns, Colors, texture.

Mark Ultra 0 points

Sure, we are talking about the comfort of living. Besides, not all of them are costs too much.

BillShiphr 0 points

Why do people spend money on expensive alcohol or some modern art which consists of an opened banana? We can't explain everything. People have different desires. Qualitative rugs can be inexpensive if you buy them in the galleries. By the way, I recommend you to visit the website of an old New York rug gallery. They have both antique and modern rugs. I want to buy a modern Morrocan rug there. Why do I need it? I like how it looks, and the quality is high.