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How do I make my emails look more presentable? I am a freelancer and I want to look more professional in the eyes of my clients.

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Make Sure the Emails Can be Read on a Mobile It is a fact that more people than ever are using mobile devices to manage their email accounts. This means it is really important to ensure your emails are compatible on multiple devices. If an email looks fantastic on a computer but becomes difficult to read on a mobile device, it will lose its value and will turn off potential customers. Remember to increase your font size, convert your email into a singular column template and make your call to action easy to understand in order to improve mobile compatibility.

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My friend if you want your documents to look more professional and personalized then I would recommend this online signature generator https://mysignature.io/outlook-signature-generator. It has a lot of benefits besides professional looks. Your own signature gives quick access to all of your contacts more clients would call you.