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Stratacare Australia is an industry leading full-service body corporate management company.

Managing director Jim O’Hare created Stratacare after identifying the need for a more personable and efficient strata management service.

The Stratacare team are experts in legislation governing registered strata schemes and provide services and advice to a broad portfolio of over 700 buildings and communities in South East Queensland.

No matter how large or small the scheme is – Stratacare can assist you.

Aside from our second-to-none knowledge and expertise on everything body corporate related, the carefully nurtured company culture at Stratacare is manifested in our organisation’s focus on people and relationships.

At the end of the day, managing a body corporate is about people.

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Stratacare Australia can help you with your strata management needs. For strata advice visit Stratacare at Stratacare Australia 3 141 Campbell Street, Bowen Hills Queensland 4006 074355300 reception@stratacare.com.au Jim O'Hare https://www.stratacare.com.au/body-corporate-services-gold-coast/