Pet in the house - benefits (General)

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In our ever-hurrying 21st century, this is a tangible price to pay. What do we get in return from our pets?

  1. As has long been noted, pets love us unselfishly. The dog does not care whether its owner is rich or poor, whether he is a handsome man or a horror story - the dog loves him for who he is. Dogs, cats give us their love, devotion, they are ready to forgive us almost everything, and in our callous mercantile time, you see, it's worth a lot.
  2. Pet owners can be said to be a special caste. They have common problems, interests, they always have something to tell each other about. Thus, pets significantly expand the circle of friends of their owners.
  3. An animal is a child that will never grow up, it requires constant care and attention from its owner, but the owner bears full responsibility for his pet. All this together strengthens the owner's sense of self-worth, self-confidence.
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Pets save us from loneliness. There are a lot of lonely people in the modern world, but often a person feels lonely among people. But if you have a four-legged friend, you are no longer alone

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Pets have a positive effect on the health of their owners. For example, dog owners are forced to spend more time outdoors and move more. But that's not all: communication with animals is beneficial in itself, thanks to which stress is relieved, blood pressure normalizes. There is even such a science - animal therapy, which deals with treatment with the help of animals. This young science has achieved some success: for example, the beneficial effect of hippotherapy` in the treatment of cerebral palsy is no longer in doubt. In general, pet owners are healthier and tend to live longer.

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I don’t know how about all the pets. But if you own a dog, you will reap many benefits. Because for many people, communication with a dog helps to cope with stress and fatigue. During active games with a pet, blood pressure normalizes, blood supply to the brain improves, due to which a person feels an emotional uplift. Dog owners are more organized, so they can more easily endure psychological and physical stress. There is even an opinion that breeders live longer than those who do not have warm feelings for pets. Even listing the advantages of dogs, one cannot ignore how carefully and jealously they treat children. A four-legged friend will become a caring and attentive nanny for children: he will look after a sleeping child, play with him, or, conversely, calm him down. By the time I have a golden retriever, I love my pet. We often travel with him and for a comfortable move of my pet, I bought one of the Best Dog Crate https://petonbed.com/best-dog-crate/ . This crate is indispensable for frequent or long trips. For example, if you constantly travel with your dog to nature or to classes, it is much more convenient to put a container for transportation in the trunk and get rid of dirt and wool in the cabin. Your dog will not be able to get to the bags with purchases and other things, and even simply, with sharp braking, the dog will not fall right onto the bag with food.