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What is your favorite gemstone?

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alexasgirlpretty 2 points

Actually, I like precious diamonds, rubies and pink fancy diamonds.

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tugrina99 1 point

Buying a diamond blind (that is, without seeing the actual stone) can result in disappointment. You may think that relying on the lab report should be good enough, but while lab reports state the clarity grade, they don’t point out where the inclusions are located.

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Gareno 0 points

I like precious metals more.

Rassssi 0 points

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Dina12 0 points

I think that there is no better stone than a diamond. I like that you can choose different jewelry pieces with a diamond of different colors, cut, and shape. And the procedure of diamond grading gives you a chance to find all the info about the stone. I've already graded a few stones at GSI, and if you want to do the same, check these international diamond center reviews. Maybe, you'll decide to use that gemological laboratory also.