Best domain name for a website? (General)

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how to choose the best domain for a website

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Jowin 0 points

I suggest to go with the product u r selling or the service. As long as having the domain name associated with your service make sense. Here is the example the leading organization is serving cloud services with the domain name https://cloudq.net/

GingerS 0 points

I prefer .com 'coz it is the most recognizable domain. And it costs only $8,88 per year. You can use domain search check from namecheap. Plus this service offers free email address, free privacy protection for life and DNSSEC security for free after registration.

BillShiphr 0 points

That's a very wide question and I strongly doubt that anyone will answer it. There can be many answers and I think you should focus on more important things

Mark Ultra 0 points

It depends on what kind of purpose you need a website. If you have a serious company, then .com is what you need, because it's the most popular and recognizable domain. If it's a blog or something similar then use what's would be cheaper for you. What do you think about this Digital Solutions for Drug from https://www.avenga.com/magazine/digital-solutions-drug-commercialization/ ? Do you think it worth trying?