What computer games do you like? (General)

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What computer games do you like?

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Danielle 0 points

I played LoL when I was a student. We had a large community at our university. But now I like gambling more - https://worldwide-online-casinos.com/europe-casinos/germany/ It started when I needed money but then continued as the most comfortable hobby. I love blackjack the most. I started winning here often after I learned all the rules and tricks. Yes, online blackjack also has its own secrets)

valentin 0 points

oooohhh, i play a lot of games, minecraft , dota 2, cs go, residence evil and others.

marinad 0 points

i choose games on a Steam platform, there is a plenty of free games, i believe that once i whould have one of the top-rated accounts that has more than 20k games, but nowadays there are other people https://steamid.pro/top/games .

Besterr 0 points

Hi there. I love moba gaming genre, it is my favorite from school. I played a lot of such games and now my favorite one is Dota 2. I'm not a big expert in it, but I follow professional matches and news on https://wewatch.gg/dota2/teams to know more!