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Hello guys. I decided to start another business and it will work with e-commerce. So, I need a good team which will help me to make my thoughts and plans true. Do you know such good services?

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Hello! I know something about this sphere. Can I be a candidate for your work?

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Hello everyone. Well first of all I would like to ask of you for who are doing your business and do you actually know your core audience? If you want to know more about it then you can read an article about user persona examples, and understand witch types of people are your future buyers.

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Hello! No, I have never used such services, but I have almost the same issue. It would be interesting to me to read something about it

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Sooner or later every business will work with e-commerce. This is a matter of time and good for you that you decided to do it earlier. There are many good teams which are able to help you with it. Personally, I advise you to look at https://otakoyi.com/solutions/dedicated-team because the level of their services were estimated really high