New Compressor or Replace AC Unit - 7 years old (General)

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We have 2 Lennox AC units...one large unit and a smaller unit for the second floor. They were installed when our house was built in 2003. We found out today that the smaller upstairs unit needs a new compressor. Should we replace the compressor or have a new unit (possibly bigger) installed. Our neighbors just replaced their Lennox unit with an Ameristar.

Need some advice on whether to repair the compressor or replace the whole unit...can anyone offer some input? We've never had to replace or repair an air conditioner in any of our houses and I can't believe this has only lasted 7 years. Thanks in advance!

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Just buy one new one and get busy.

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There is a third option - to turn to professionals. For example, you can refer to Appliancerepairinusa. I often use their services and have never been upset by a bad repair.

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Ask for repair cost. If the cost is more than 25% of getting a new a/c Go with a new one.

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