What are your thought about eLearning software development in the educational process? (General)

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Can you suggest good eLearning software development company?

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Based on my own experience I can suggest this one https://sumatosoft.com/industries/elearning-software-development . It is a full-circle software development company that provides custom eLearning solutions and let students achieve their goals and complete their training remotely. With their help I got my eLearning platform done quickly and at the highest level. Recommend!

BillShiphr 0 points

I can't recommend a concrete one, but I can recommend you to ask them about Agile business solutions. Companies that implemented Agile methodology to their business processes can boast of more predictable costs of their products. Early and predictable deliveries to clients can help with timely fixes, so you will get your products faster.

Mark Ultra 0 points

It is necessary to use all the possible modern technologies in this sphere because it is an instrument that could help to develop our society, as I suppose.

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You need the help of a good Software development company in this case. They will bring all your ideas that you kept in your mind into real products. A good development company would find the right candidates and team to create the right solutions of your concepts and plans. Try to contact them if you are interested.

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It seems to me that it is very important in the modern world for the modernization of the learning process. Because in many universities, the studying system is a little outdated and there are outmoded tasks that will not be useful to the student in the future.

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Now many universities are beginning to modernize the teaching system to increase the effectiveness of teaching. And I am glad that many colleges are now training specialists who will be engaged in the development of such software. If you are wondering where you can learn this, then you can read about it here https://www.prepler.com/best-colleges.