Do you want to play Destiny 2? (General)

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Do you want to play Destiny 2?

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ladygaga 1 point

I've played the beta. I've logged so much time on the first Destiny that certain actions became muscle memory, and this translated over to Destiny 2’s beta.

Near the end of my time playing Destiny(I do not play it anymore, me and my friends moved on to other games), I began to grow bored of the repetition, the fact that even a DLC such as Rise of Iron couldn't pull me back to the game for more than a few weeks proved to me that I had wore the game out.

To reach my point, I don't really want to play D2, because I don't want to burn that much time and experience the same thing.

fredluis290 0 points

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oliviabacker 0 points

Well, Im already playing. And it is pretty cool. I have even managed Not Forgotten quest boost. The pro jumped on my account and knocked it out super quick and gave me updates through the process. Im really impressed.

casseverhart13 0 points

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Neakey 0 points

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