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Verified Businesses is positioned as a consistent, open and reliable service provider who gets RESULTS FOR BOTH BUYERS AND SELLERS. We provide a high level of transparency not seen anywhere else within the industry. An example of which, is our communication of 'HOW' we established the ask price for each business and 'WHY', which is detailed in each information memorandum supplied to both buyers and sellers alike, and can be easily referred to by Accountants and financial advisors.

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I prefer to work remotely with the help of cryptocurrency and the stock exchange, this brings me good income and great pleasure in what I do. Cryptocurrency will never lose its value.

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Yes, I agree with you, cryptocurrency has for many years held the top for profit and no one can look at it. You even look at ICO Rating https://www.crypto-rating.com/ico-rating/past/ and you will see how different types of cryptocurrencies have their value.