Homecoming Chicago 2015 (ashidakim.com)

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The Dark One 0 points

Lol, too bad certain people didn't show, you could have used them as training dummies for the Kata Dante. I guess they didn't want their peaches stolen!

AKDAVID 0 points

Chachi(thelatescottbaio-on YouTube ) has posted another video. Not only mocking the Home Coming- but stateing the usual crap.("we" could kick your asses! And that the Masters have never trained. Etc...) I hate to even bring his "name" up here...but do take a look at his crap. It's sad really, poor kid.(he can't help being stupid)

Ashida Kim 0 points

He is just jealous because he wasn't worthy to attend, LOL

The Dark One 0 points

I couldn't be bothered, quite frankly. Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. I don't feel the need to inspect everyone's asshole, I don't feel the need to hear everyone's opinion.

You know?