BDFS Golden 50th Anniversary Gathering (General)

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Information for the Black Dragon Fighting Society’s 50th Golden Anniversary Events

As many as you know, this year’s Conference is a very special and important event. Not only have we been around for 50 plus years, our legacy continues to shine new light on promoting more tournaments, seminars and certification events than ever before. However; these spectacular events could not take place without your participation, attendance and financial support.

This year’s tournament will be unprecedented in Black Dragon History. That is, historically speaking, one of the main reasons the Black Dragon Fighting Society organized in the first place. That is to say, to promote competition amongst martial artists from around the world, to test your skills and the skills of your students against other martial arts styles, and to learn from your accomplishments and increase your knowledge. We have divisions this year that will allow everyone who desires to compete (regardless of ability or disability) and enjoy brushing off the dust, so to speak.

The entry fee for Members is only $40 for all the divisions you care to compete in…what a bargain. All non-members will pay $50 for all divisions. There is a spectator fee this year of $8 in advance and $12 at the door. So, brush off you Karate-gi, your TKD-dobok or your Kung-fu uniform and sign-up to compete.

There will be Commemorative BDFS Gold Medals given out in all divisions (the ribbon color denotes the place).

This year’s Seminars will also be unparalleled in content. Some of the world’s Top Grand Masters will be teaching the secrets of their art (s) and providing you with new insights on your own training program. The Seminar fee is $100 for all of the instructions. The Grand Masters will be teaching “back-to-back” so you won’t miss a thing by something else going on in another room that you want to attend also. This fee is very small compared to the materials that you will receive from attending and participating. Due to the fact that these seminars teach so many valuable things, only paid spectators will be allowed to attend. The spectator PASS is $25.00 and is good for the Seminars only. There will be NO Video Cameras or Digital devices allowed to record anything. A professional Videographer will be capturing all of the content and it will be available at a very low cost after the event.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the entire Conference:

Friday October 14 4:00 PM Grand Masters Meeting 5:15 PM All members Meeting 6:30 PM Military Honors Ceremony 9:00 PM Meet-n-greet (Wine and Cheese Served) $25.00 covers the various costs 9:00 PM Live Piano Music provided by Reza

Saturday October 15: 08:00 AM Tournament Registration 10:00 AM Black belt meeting 10:45 AM Rules explained 10:55 AM Official Bow in and National Anthem 11:00 AM Kick off with all Kids Divisions 16:00 PM finishing up with all Divisions

6:00 PM Members Awards Banquet 8:00 PM Meet, Greet and get Happy Party $25.00 (Cash Bar) 8:30 PM Music by Boot-Legged 12:00 Midnight Close down for the evening

Sunday October 16: 08:00 AM first seminar (Agenda to be announced when completed) 16:00 PM last seminar Note* There will be certificates of participation for each seminar handed out

Tally of Fees:

Friday Meet-n-Greet $25.00 Saturday tournament entry fee $40 for Members and $50 for non-Members Saturday tournament Spectators fee $8.00 in advance and $12.00 at the door Saturday night Members Awards Banquet $40.00 Saturday night Meet, Greet and Get Happy Party ticket $25.00 Sunday Seminars $100 for Members, $150 for non-members and $25.00 for Spectators

Special V.I.P. Event PASS for the entire weekend: $75.00 ($123.00 Value) Friday Meet-n-Greet Saturday Spectator Saturday night Awards Banquet Saturday night Meet, Greet and Get Happy Party Sunday Seminar (non-member participant of Spectator)

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Still working on the 50th Golden Anniversary Black Dragon Fighting Society Convention that I'm hosting here in Lexington, Kentucky October 14-16th. It is going to be an Event you don't want to miss. We have people coming from all over the World to be here for it. Friday the 14th is the Grand Masters Meeting and then followed be the all members meeting. There will be a Military Honors Ceremony conducted by Doug Day that will show appreciation to our brave soldiers who have help defend our country. This Honor is something you don't want to miss. If you or someone you know would like to be honored, please IM me and I will get you the appropriate information. After all of the meetings, there will be a "Meet and Greet" party that anyone can attend (with a V.I.P. Pass) and then rub shoulders with some of the worlds elite martial artists. Saturday the 15th will be the anniversary Tournament with divisions for all levels of competitors even a handicapped division (s). This tournament is open to all martial arts styles. Each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner will receive a 50th Anniversary Medal for their wins. The entry fee is only $50.00 for up to 3 divisions however, if you register before September 15th, you will save $15.00. That is such a big savings I just might compete myself. Maybe Hanshi Frank W. Dux will jump in the ring with me. Who knows? Come and brush off your uniform and have fun. After the tournament, There will be a BDFS Members Awards Banquet honoring those who have bonded this organization together. then, we will have another "Meet and Greet" party with a special band called "Boot-Legged." and a special guest appearance that can't be divulged at this time (you just have to be here to see for yourself). This is also a V.I.P. Pass required for this evening also. On Sunday the 16th we will have one of the Best Seminars of martial Arts Grand Masters ever assembled in the history of the Black Dragons....Again, you don't want to miss this event. Grand Masters teaching the real secrets of the martial arts. You won't get this in most schools. Hanshi Frank Dux, Hanshi w. Joe Williams, G.M. Daniel Howard, Dr. David Harris, G.M. Wes Ruiz, and Myself G.M. Grandmaster Kirschbaum, and many more.. After the Seminars, the BDFS Members will make a visit to the grave site of our past Head of Family Dr. Lawrence Day (R.I.P.) for a special ceremony. I hope I haven't forgotten anything but I most likely have. I'm sure people will let me know when they read this. Nevertheless, I will be posting more as we get closer to the date. Again, IM me for more information.