redbox+ Dumpster Rental Levittown (Dojo Press)

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The idea for redbox+ started with a simple hand-drawn sketch by Jeff Matejka and evolved into obtaining an exclusive u.s. Patent for the roll-off dumpster and portable restroom combination. In 2006, the redbox+ company was officially launched, and the patented product hit the market. The response was overwhelmingly positive and as a testament, redbox+ received the “Innovation of the Year” award during the 2007 International Waste Expo.

Franchising of the redbox+ concept began in 2014 and expanded in 2018 when Josh Skolnick (founder of Monster Tree Service®) bought a controlling interest. Together Jeff and Josh bring their expertise to the table to help others own, build and grow their own redbox+ businesses.

The professional and trusted Dumpster Rental and Waste Management Service in Levittown, PA, United States

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