Declassified BDFS report page 10 (Black Dragon Fighting Society)

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The Dark One 1 point

Well, Little Willie can put that in his pipe and smoke it. I still haven't forgotten the Falls River bunch trying to sue some kid for uploading a video of himself performing Kata Dante, or them trying to sue the guy making the Count Dante documentary. For having done very little to promote the style, works or legacy of The Count over the decades, they sure hate the idea of anyone else doing so. Health spa, pff.

Ron Collins 1 point

Yeah he also said how he was going to sue MCR for their song Black Dragon Fighting Society, about a month ago. This Report doesn't look good for him.

The Dark One 1 point

They even threatened the wrestler/musician Count Dante back in the day. http://web.archive.org/web/20000919084324/http://www.count-dante.com/letters.html

(Snort), I don't think the BDFS held too many death matches under the Aguiars' tenure. Dante the wrestler could probably have kicked most of those health spa types' asses anyway, lol.