Aiki movement progression (vimeo.com)

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Shizuya Sato Born 1929 in Tokyo, Japan. Shizuya Sato’s father was a senior Judo instructor for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, and a close associate of Kyuzo Mifune, Hidekazu Nagaoka, Sumiyuki Kotani, and other prominent members of the Judo community. Upon his father’s death in 1945, these three legendary figures, along with Kazuo Ito, Kodokan Judo 8th Dan, lent their personal guidance and lifelong support to the young Shizuya Sato. 1949: Upon graduation from Meiji Gakuin University, Shizuya Sato entered the International Section of the Kodokan. 1949 – 1952: In addition to his regular duties at the Kodokan, Shizuya Sato taught at various U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy bases throughout the greater Tokyo area. Additionally, he was an assistant in the Strategic Air Command (SAC) training program, and worked extensively with Kenji Tomiki (Aikido), Sumiyuki Kotani (Judo), and other world-renowned instructors throughout its duration. video is made of courtesy of Russ Ebert (youtu.be/7fY551FJf-8)