Should I quit my job? by BillShiphr to /forum/general

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The answer is apparent. You can't work there anymore. So, leave it. Of course, it is very stressful to look for a new job but it is better than the job you hate. Moreover, now you can have a look at these interview tips and every interview will seem easy for you. There are some methods which will bring you forward.

Are designer handbags worth buying? by Klampy to /forum/general

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I have quite a controversial opinion about designer clothes and accessories. Of course, quality is excellent but most of the price consists of a brand name. As for me, I am not ready to pay big money in honour of a man who died many years ago. There is a solution for people who appreciate quality but not fame. alternatives to expensive designer brands. This site will help you to find the best clothes for the best price

What programs do you use to effectively organize your business? by Redgi to /forum/general

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You know, I'm using pretty ordinary programs to organize my business. Nothing special. Microsoft Excel for example. But I'm also trying to use different services to establish my work. So, I can recommend you to use this company formation from Singapore if you are thinking about your own business starting.


Should I quit my job? (General)

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Do you shop for clothes online? by Klampy to /forum/general

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I agree with you! It is so convenient when the shop delivers clothe to your home, especially in the current situation with the pandemic.

Buying luxury accessories online by Klampy to /forum/general

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I don't think it is very safe. You should choose only trustworthy services. To be honest, I have never spend big money on clothes on the internet. I read Maurielle Lozario's site about Louis Vuitton replica and it gave me many opportunities to buy cheaper high-quality clothes

Where do you usually go when you have health problems? by marinad to /forum/general

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It is interesting to know!