Should I quit my job? (General)

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The job that I have now is driving me crazy, I just can't stand it and I would really love to quit. On the other hand, it seems like now it will be extremely hard to get a job because of the whole situation in the world and I don't know what to do. I am collecting job offers now and I already have a few good ones but I will have to go through a job interview process and I am not that good at it.

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You know, I think that you do not need to do the work that you don't love. Your job shouldn't bother you.

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The answer is apparent. You can't work there anymore. So, leave it. Of course, it is very stressful to look for a new job but it is better than the job you hate. Moreover, now you can have a look at these interview tips and every interview will seem easy for you. There are some methods which will bring you forward.