What do you think of anti-wrinkle injections? (General)

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What do you think of anti-wrinkle injections? Do you have any experience in this field? Is it dangerous? I will be grateful for your valuable posts

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Marlin 1 point

I think this is very harmful. I advise you to try another way to get rid of facial wrinkles. I have been using a Hyaluron Pen https://hyaluronpen.store/hyafilia for over a year now and it helps me to look attractive. I’m sure that you should also try to get rid of wrinkles in this way and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quick and positive effect of this innovative product.

LeadGen 0 points

Anti-wrinkle injections can be okay if you find the right dermatologist for the procedure. Not something you want to go cheap on. Ideally, you stay out of the sun's harmful UV rays in the first place to stop the need for them. Get a spray tan instead of sitting out in the sun for hours. Much safer, less time consuming.

Sviftttt 0 points

I think this is very harmful for the skin and I do not advise you to take such a risk. seek help from professionals in this field