How to choose an RV generator? (General)

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How to choose an RV generator?

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I can tell you that RV generators are more expensive than portable generators and operate on different types of fuel: diesel, propane and gasoline

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I advise you not to buy a propane generator RV. Because it has low power and you have to constantly monitor the power consumption. In addition, he can quickly burn through a propane cylinder.

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In my opinion, you need an RV generator that can provide the right power for the devices you need. In addition, he must be able to work with all your electronics in the car, but without completely depleting fuel. I advise you to browse the best rv generator https://bestgenset.org/best-rv-generator/ this information will help you make the right choice. Do not forget, another important factor that should be considered when choosing an RV generator is the noise level. The generator must be quiet during operation.