What cryptocurrency should you invest in this month? (General)

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What cryptocurrency should you invest in this month?

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ladygaga 1 point

Study this question on professional resources, they will help you understand this issue in more detail.

ClaytonKaty 0 points

At such moments, I always study cryptocurrency rates https://www.crypto-rating.com/ this gives me a complete answer to my questions. Explore the market in more detail, see what current news are and what they affect. So you can evaluate the market and calculate your risks.

salis 0 points

I recently became interested in cryptocurrency and while looking for resources that can give me more detailed information on cryptocurrency trading in South Africa. I'm also interested in ABCD candestick Pattern strategy information. Has anyone used it in trading?

John 0 points

ABCD is a very well-known pattern and in my opinion the best of the ways that traders analyze the market. True, I have not tried to trade with him, I am still studying the information I need. I believe that you need to trade when you are completely confident in yourself and your knowledge. By the way, if you want to know more information about this strategy, I advise you to read the divergence cheat sheet https://tenkofx.co.za/abcd-candestick-pattern/