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Who faced software development for the company? I'm still in thought. Software needed for the medical center. Is it possible to develop a single product that does not break into several? I would like to combine in one database the full cycle of the clinic

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Now all companies are switching to automation of business rewarding processes. In medicine, IT technologies are very developed. There are separate developments for doenting hospitals. Moreover, IT is also used for diagnosis and treatment. If you want to develop your business in the field of medicine you need to monitor the IT market

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Now without software, companies find it difficult to conduct their business. I work in a medical center. All our projessses are automated. This is starting from the patient's appointment to see a doctor. All data on the consultations, examinations stored in an electronic database. Also, through the electronic support system, purchases are monitored, medicines are available, etc. With such software, it was possible to significantly save on staff costs. What was previously performed by several people is performed by the software. In IT medicine, https://light-it.net/blog/ai-in-healthcare-should-doctors-fear-of-being-replaced-with-robots-or-not#1/ develops very well. A lot of diagnostic equipment appeared, and many others.

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