Can't find a job in Pretoria South Africa (General)

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Greetings to all. We have recently completed studies and we are still looking for work. Can you tell me where the lawyers are in Pretoria?

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Beginners are always hard to find work. It seems to me that if you are not very picky then there will be something.

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Greetings. I think you should look at job offers in Pretoria https://za.jobsora.com/jobs-pretoria%2Cgauteng On this resource you can find jobs from all over South Africa. In addition, the site itself is convenient, fast and modern.

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Now it is very convenient that you can look for a job online. It is very convenient to send resumes and documents quickly and to different companies

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Many companies want to see an experienced employee with experience in their team.
If you have just finished your studies of work experience you probably will not. You can apply for the position of assistant lawyer.
Now many people are looking for a job through the Internet. Take advantage of this opportunity. Send your CV with a cover letter. A cover letter is something that the employer will read for sure. And if you're interested in it then you have a chance to get a job. Samples of cover letters can be found on the https://www.getcoverletter.com/cover-letter-examples/paralegal/. This will increase your chances.