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How Long Does a Felony Charge in Texas Remain on My Record?

Having a felony conviction on your record can certainly have dire consequences on your life.

The initial concern for the majority of defendants is that of doing prison time. However, with a felony conviction to your name, it will pursue you for a very long time and well after you have served the necessary time in jail.

A convicted felon in Texas, firstly, loses their basic rights in that they can no longer vote.

A convicted felon in Texas cannot serve on a jury.

And, a convicted felon in Texas is unable to own or to use a firearm.

What’s more is that the conviction will potentially dent your future employment, given that it will appear on your employment record.

While these are merely a handful of ways that a felony conviction will impact your life in future, to learn more, get in touch with our criminal defense lawyers at Greco Neyland, PC - TX.

Our criminal defense lawyers will work hard in formulating a strong defense against any type of felony charge.

A Felony Conviction and How it Can Impact Your Career

With a felony conviction to your name, it’s very possible that it could greatly impact your capacity for finding and/ or maintaining work.

There’s no limitation, care of federal laws, upon an employer’s rights to enquire about an employee’s criminal history.

Through a simple and basic background check, any felony convictions that have yet to be expunged will be revealed.

What’s more is that a felony conviction remains on your record for the rest of your life.

It is true that there are some federal laws that place limitations on the denial of work to an employee. Nevertheless, there are some professions that outright disqualify anyone with a felony conviction.

On top of this is that, if you have a felony conviction, there are various professional licenses that will be unavailable to you.

Several state boards, inclusive of those that provide licenses for real estate agents, doctors, and lawyers, can, potentially so, bar any eligibility.

The Right to Vote and to Bear a Firearm

In the U.S., maintaining a right to vote and to bear a firearm is written in the constitution.

As such, in general, we tend to take this right for granted.

If you are convicted of a felony, you can no longer express your political desire through voting. Nor can you make the legal purchase of a firearm.

For anyone that does have a felony conviction and is found to possess a firearm, there are, potentially so, further criminal penalties to be faced.

In Conclusion

As stated, the consequences highlighted above are only a few of many possible consequences that a felony conviction will have on your life.

If you face a criminal charge, it’s highly advisable to utilize the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will be able to provide you with a strong defense of your legal rights.

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