How to find an honest online casino? (General)

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How to find an honest online casino? When was the last time you fell for the tricks of scammers? If the head did not immediately pop up colorful pictures of recent misadventures, then you are very lucky. Unscrupulous Internet users who dream to profit from your hard earned, do not sleep and occupy new niches. Online gambling is no exception.

In the field of online gambling entertainment, there are several types of fraud that are most common:

You can't win at the casino. Special software scripts are used to build the game in favor of the casino. The gambling house does not pay winnings. Here can come up with a variety of reasons up to lock the user account. Clone sites. Duplicated sites are usually popular institutions with a good reputation. To protect yourself from this kind of fraud, you can install the casino client on your computer, download the official casino plugin that will provide uninterrupted access to the official website or mirrors, and do not go to register on links from questionable resources. How to minimize the risk of meeting with crooks? Let's look at what criteria when choosing a casino should pay attention in the first place:

External sign. Licenses. Downloadabe. Support. Payment system. Guarantees of honesty. Casino Life. Tournaments. Comments. External sign

This is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Honest casinos with a good reputation have sites with attractive design and easy navigation. Sites of scammers on the contrary are often blocked, so they are not engaged in the study of the appearance and such a resource looks rough and uncouth. If you are on the site of the institution, which by external signs causes concern, do not be lazy and analyze it according to other criteria before you replenish the account.

But at the same time there are also quite trustworthy operators with frankly outdated sites. Most often it is a casino focused exclusively on Runet.


All casinos that operate legally must be licensed. Honest gambling houses do not hide this information and place on their website the license number and the name of the authority that issued it. It does not hurt to go to the licensor's website and verify the veracity of these data.

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Hello. You raise a serious problem when looking for a normal casino. You can completely agree with you about the reluctance of scammers to design your casino. They try to get customer deposits as quickly as possible, and not to spend money on registration.

John 0 points

Wow, how much useful information. I didn’t even know much, and now I think, and maybe that is why my winnings are very rare? Although when I really play poker in reality, I always beat everybody and I lose in online casinos. Thank you for the information I will try to apply and I can pomotry everything.

Evizza 0 points

You do not forget that the casino always wins and you just need to accept it. The percentage of payouts in fair casino https://www.betchan.com/ru is in the range of 95-99 percent, depending on the type of game or slot settings. Therefore, there is no and there can be no strategies and ways to beat the casino! Who claims the opposite is the real liars and fraudsters. But still not be tempted to pay a couple of tens of dollars for a strategy that will allow you to win several thousand a week. Even if someone managed to develop this secret, he will keep it and never share it. But there are exceptions to any rule.

guv 0 points

Hello. You can only agree with you. I also do not believe in any strategy to win at the casino. It is impossible to replay math program in automata. Here everything is thought out, including a certain percentage for winning customers. So you have to rely only on luck.

boolik 0 points

I can’t agree that the casino constantly wins against its customers. There are cases when customers have ripped off huge jackpots. It is clear that online casino is technology. Those who are playing an unfair game can hide from the Internet users the real outcome of the game. If the winning percentage in the casino https://www.betchan.com/ is 95-99 %% this is a good result for the game. There is a good result in terms of players. Such an indicator really speaks about fair play.

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All good day! Now really of quacks on the Internet like cockroaches in a bad communication. I am a fan of playing poker and have tried different online casinos. Fell on such where the winnings are not given, and dissuaded ridiculous reasons. After my persistent requests to answer correctly why they did not pay, they just blocked the account. Casino for which write higher https://www.betchan.com/ it's on my list. I play it without fear. Always pay. With any win. In order not to get to the scammers need to show interest in people who have long played and are well versed in this topic!