Strategy " 5 of 6» (General)

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Strategy " 5 of 6»

This technique is as simple as possible, but at the same time it is used by many professional players. It is necessary to bet on 5 groups out of 6 possible. Thus, we will play 30 numbers out of 37 available on the roulette wheel. The chances of winning are 81%, but with every $10 we will have a net profit of only $2. In case of failure, in order to make a profit after the next spin, you will already have to put an amount 5 times the size of the initial bet. In addition, in the case of a positive result, we will only play the previous loss and will be able to go to zero, after which you will need to start all over again. As you can see, this strategy is quite risky, because multiplying the rate of 5 times, already in a few moves you can come to a large amount of beta. But the probability of winning the second round is 96.3%, and the third – 99.3%. Most often, everything will be successful after the first spin (according to statistics – in 4 cases out of 5) and rarely have to raise more than 2 times.

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Greetings. It is necessary to tune in psychologically to such a strategy. Winning a roulette is quite difficult. You need to be configured to lose money. True, this is the essence of the game - to risk money. But who does not risk - does not drink champagne.

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I agree with you! Today, online casinos offer a large variety of various games. These are different types of gaming machines. Some of the games are more popular among players, while others are less popular. It is difficult to say which criterion will be decisive when choosing a game. For me, roulette is one of the most popular games and I play it very often. Most of all I like French. Because according to her rules a player has several advantages.

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Everyone knows that roulette is actually a game of fortune. It is extremely popular with players all over the world. And the rules of the game are almost always the same whether you play online or at a real table. And almost all casinos in the world from Vegas to Monte Carlo offer the same thing. I am also a fan of this game. And I often launch it at online casino https://www.playamo.com Many people believe that betting on equal chances will help to win big. After all, you can make a bet on the color even or odd small numbers or large numbers. However, it is always worth remembering that the casino always has the greatest advantage.

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Greetings to you. Totally agree with you. Roulette is the same everywhere. Luck is the main component of success here. I do not believe in strategy. You can not beat roulette on a mathematical calculation. This is the whole casino chip. Good luck, good luck and once again good luck.

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All welcome to this forum fans of gambling. I myself have been playing poker and roulette for a long time and in this casino more often than others https://www.playamo.com so as bad luck more often precisely here) Internet offers a huge choice different online casino but not all casino are uniform as and strategy players. Everyone has their own strategies and approaches. I many of the strategies played but the one that would have written haven't tried. I think I will try this week. Thank you!