What is the best stretch? (General)

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Hey. I am interested in how best to stretch. What types of stretch marks exist. Well, the last which device is better to choose for stretching?

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Greetings. Recently I was looking for a niece who was fascinated by yoga information about stretch marks. So look https://gadgets-reviews.com/review/824-best-stretching-machines-devices.html there is all the information you need about stretching and selection of the best devices.

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None of the "leg pullers" that have you sit on the floor and pull a rod to spread you legs are safe. Usually results in torn muscles or ligaments. You must be careful and progress SLOWLY. If you want to do a full Chinese split like Van Damme it takes about two years to reach that point, IF your are under twenty years old. if you are older than that, add five years to be safe. Good luck!